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We're restoring the muse to music.
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"So, back in late July through the start of August (2016) - I experienced my first-ever house concert tour. This was a huge deal for me because I have never been on a tour dedicated to promoting and performing my music (I've always backed other artists on tour), and I have never performed in a true listening room environment. This tour was a game-changer! The ultimate experience of the new "concert culture." There is no going back! Hal Newman has created something truly remarkable and special. Stanstead House Concerts Network is leading the charge on a new and improved concert culture/concert experience. Being able to break bread and get to know your audience before the show is such a beautiful experience. Hal has successfully merged the world between artist and audience. Also, the man makes a mean cappuccino! From the moment we stepped into his beautiful home - he treated us like members of his family! Thank you to Hal for this beautiful opportunity... and a special shout-out to his beautiful wife (Dianne) and daughters (Sophie and Emma) for being excellent hosts. I truly cannot wait to come back!" - Amanda McCoy, Nashville TN

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Artists who have performed

We keep excellent company

- The Cumberland Brothers
- David Bradstreet
- The Bombadils
- Nathan Rogers with Dale Brown
- Christine Campbell with Blake Johnston
- Sheesham & Lotus
- Black Dog Trio
- Kyra Shaughnessy with Stephen Fuller
- Franc Robert
- Durham County Poets
- Les Poules a Colin
- Gathering Sparks
- Oh Pep!
- Sweet Alibi
- Debra Cowan
- Meaghan Blanchard
- Sin and Swoon
- Great Lake Swimmers
- Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards
- Nick & The Babes
- 10 String Symphony
- Belle Starr
- John Jacob Magistry
- Jordie Lane with Clare Reynolds
- Yann Falquet & Pascal Gemme
- The Slocan Ramblers
- Christina Martin with Dale Murray
- Amanda McCoy & Pandel Collaros
- The Mae Trio
- Mark Reeves
- The Secrets
- Jerome Beaulieu & Francois Jalbert


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