Stanstead House Concerts Network - SHCN

Great venues build a sense of community

We're restoring the muse to music.
We're so far off-Broadway we've created our own buzz.

We host micro-venue concerts here in Stanstead QC - the place where the borders of Vermont and Quebec come together for a hug and a kiss on both cheeks. Music is a thread that has always run through the fabric of society in these parts. Americana, roots, bluegrass, folk, the blues, soul, gospel and rockin' roll have always had a place at the table, in the kitchen, in the chapel, and in the rented dance halls that still dot the countryside. We are the most unlikely of concert destinations.. only a couple of hours out of Montreal QC or Burlington VT and yet we may as well be on another planet. "À peine le pied sur le seuil de la porte qu'on se sent déjà en famille : un accueil convivial, des enfants qui s'amusent en courant après un chien, des hors-d'oeuvre pleins la table et un excellent groupe de musique en performance live dans le salon... Personne n'oserait penser que les invités en sont pratiquement tous à leur première rencontre." - La Tribune, 10 aout 2015

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Artists who have performed

We keep excellent company

- The Cumberland Brothers
- David Bradstreet
- The Bombadils
- Nathan Rogers with Dale Brown
- Christine Campbell with Blake Johnston
- Sheesham & Lotus
- Black Dog Trio
- Kyra Shaughnessy with Stephen Fuller
- Franc Robert
- Durham County Poets
- Les Poules a Colin
- Gathering Sparks
- Oh Pep!
- Sweet Alibi
- Debra Cowan
- Meaghan Blanchard
- Sin and Swoon
- Great Lake Swimmers
- Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards
- Nick & The Babes
- 10 String Symphony
- Belle Starr
- John Jacob Magistry
- Jordie Lane with Clare Reynolds
- Yann Falquet & Pascal Gemme
- The Slocan Ramblers
- Christina Martin with Dale Murray


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