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Supporting emerging musical voices.


We are fully booked for 2018.

All Stanstead House Concerts Network events/venues are centrally booked.

Our focus is on emerging voices from all genres of music.

We’re looking for info about you as an artist, reviews of live performances, video of live performances, and links to where we can listen to your tunes.

If you’d like to submit a proposal as an artist, please feel free to drop a line to Hal Newman via E:

NB: We receive a whole lot of queries/proposals so please be patient with us.


If you’d like to become one of our hosts, please drop us a line.

The essential elements in venue excellence are the hosts.

We can walk you through every part of hosting a SHCN event – and in many cases – one of us will be there to help you the first time you present a concert.

We’ve got a common cents business model that works for venues as small as a livingroom and as large as a 500-seat theatre.

Don’t be shy.

Contact Paul Kingman via E:


Stanstead House Concerts Network – SHCN is accepting offers from potential sponsors.

Just as we have made it possible for artists and audiences to experience music in an intimate environment, we have also made it possible for your brand to connect with our community.

These are singular experiences in a mass-marketing world. A SHCN event is a unique experience for your brand to create meaningful connections that will last a lifetime.

Connect your brand to ours.

Contact Ryan Stotland via E:

every SHCN concert experience is unique

Creating communities to support/ be supported by emerging musical voices

Three and a half years ago (Oct 2014), we decided to invite emerging voices of music to perform in our livingroom – here in the village of Stanstead, Quebec – right smackdab on the border with Vermont.

Many concert events later, our network of livingrooms/micro-venues (150 cap or less) stretches from British Columbia to Alberta to Saskatchewan to Ontario to Quebec to Vermont to Maine to New Hampshire to Massachusetts to New Jersey to Maryland to the District of Columbia to Virginia to West Virginia to North Carolina to South Carolina to Tennessee to Louisiana to California – and to Vietnam.

We’re not a wealthy family in terms of dollars however we understand the value of artists and we wanted to create a network of ‘safe’ zones for emerging voices where they could perform, reinvent their sound, reconnect with their musical roots – and their audience.

So we quilted a network of like-minded folks and partnered with B&Bs and inns and bakeries and massage artists and yoga teachers and recording studios and film-makers and storytellers. And we did it all on our own with no grants from any governments on either side of the border.

We are proud to be the very first AFM Local 1000 Fair Trade Music participating venue in all of Canada – and among the first 50 in the United States.

We have an educational outreach program – we offer schools without music programs the opportunity to host ‘our’ artists for an hour-long Songs/Q&A Session on the day of – or morning after a concert at one of our venues.



Engage all of your senses.

Many Stanstead House Concerts Network – SHCN events start with a potluck meal… so everyone brings a dish they’d like to share and the audience and the artists and the hosts all get to know one another over a delicious dinner or brunch or dessert. You may arrive as a relative stranger however it’s certain you’ll leave with new friends. Hope to see you soon at one of our events.


Artist Services

We started the Stanstead House Concerts Network to support emerging musical voices – like yours.

Our model was crafted to treat artists, audiences, and venue hosts with respect and appreciation – and to give each an opportunity to interact meaningfully with one another.

In ‘real life’ we are marketing, public relations, advertising and business development specialists. It’s what we do – and now we’d like to offer our services to you.

Trust us.

We promise to do the right thing. We promise to take on projects with meaning because life is short and fragile and shouldn’t be wasted on churning out crap. We promise to connect the dots that need to be connected regardless of whether or not there’s something in it for us. We promise to provide real value. We promise to always work in a collaborative manner even when that means forging unlikely partnerships.

We work with clients who we really believe we can help. We’re good if yours is the custom-painted tour bus – or if you’re working out of the trunk of yet another rental car in the midst of a 10-gigs-in-11-days-rural-tour. We’ve got boots for mud – and we can dress up nice for midtown, too.

We are an eclectic multi-disciplinary team w. real-world wisdom.

Hire us.

Our terms are simple & affordable – $50/hr with monthly deals available. One-page contracts. Drawn-up in big print with occasional use of crayons for added emphasis.

We believe in supporting emerging voices. We see all of you, we see your good works, we see the difference you are making in the world.

Stanstead House Concerts Network – SHCN : Supporting emerging musical voices.


SHCN Alumni

Artists who have performed at SHCN events.

The Cumberland Brothers

October 2014

David Bradstreet

November 2014

The Bombadils

November 2014 / February 2016

Nathan Rogers
w/ Dale Brown

February 2015

Christine Campbell w/ Blake Johnson

March 2015

Sheesham & Lotus

April 2015

Black Dog Trio

May 2015

Kyra Shaughnessy w/ Stephen Fuller

May 2015 / February 2017
Watch a video crafted by The Newport Dispatch

Franc Robert

July 2015

Durham County Poets

August 2015 / July 2017

Les Poules à Colin

August 2015 / July 2017

Gathering Sparks

October 2015

Oh Pep!

October 2015 / June 2016 / April 2018

Sweet Alibi

October 2015

Debra Cowan

October 2015

Meaghan Blanchard

November 2015

Sin & Swoon

November 2015

Great Lake Swimmers

December 2015 / April 2017

Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards

January 2016 / July 2016

Nick and The Babes

February 2016

10 String Symphony

February 2016

Belle Starr

February 2016

John Jacob Magistery

March 2016 / September 2016 / March 2018

Jordie Lane w/ Clare Reynolds

April 2016

Yann Falquet & Pascal Gemme

May 2016

The Slocan Ramblers

May 2016/ July 2017

Christina Martin w/ Dale Murray

June 2016

Amanda McCoy w/ Pandel Collaros

July 2016

The Maes

August 2016 / June 2017

Mark Reeves

September 2016

The Secrets

October 2016

Jerome Beaulieu & Francois Jalbert

November 2016

Po Lazarus

November 2016

Andrew & Nikki Waite

November 2016

The Record Breakers

December 2016

Tim Moxam

February 2017 / August 2017

Liz Stringer

February 2017 / August 2017

Cricket Blue

February 2017

Harrow Fair

March 2017

Gregory Douglass

April 2017

Tod Pronto

April 2017

Megan Bonnell

April 2017

Geoff Achison

May 2017

Rhiannon Simpson

May 2017 / July 2017/ June 2018

Dylan Menzie Band

May 2017

Mairi Rankin & Ailie Robertson

May 2017

David Greely

May 2017


June 2017

This Way North

June 2017

Joel Miller w Sienna Dahlen & Francois Jalbert

June 2017


July 2017

Chaise Lounge

July 2017

Alex Snydman Trio

July 2017


July 2017

The DuPont Brothers

September 2017 / October 2017

Morgan Davis

October 2017

Dennis Ellsworth & Kinley Dowling

December 2017


January 2018

Fireside Collective

March 2018


April 2018

Ryan Cook

May 2018

Rachel Beck

June 2018

Logan Richard

June 2018

Andrew Finn Magill

June 2018

Haley Richardson

June 2018

Claude Methe

June 2018