Artist Services

We started the Stanstead House Concerts Network – SHCN to support emerging musical voices – like yours.

Our model was crafted to treat artists, audiences, and venue hosts with respect and appreciation.

In ‘real life’ we are marketing, public relations, advertising and business development specialists. It’s what we do – and now we’d like to offer our services to you.

We work with clients who we really believe we can help. We’re good if yours is the custom-painted tour bus – or if you’re working out of the trunk of yet another rental car in the midst of a 10-gigs-in-11-days-rural-tour.

We are an eclectic multi-disciplinary team w. real-world wisdom.

Hire us.

Our terms are simple & affordable*. One-page contracts. No bullshit. No fine print.

We believe in supporting emerging voices. We see all of you, we see your good works, we see the difference you are making in the world.

* $50/hr on a task-order basis. Estimates provided.

SHCN Artist Services