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Prevent the sh*t from hitting the fan

You’ve got the venue, the acts, and the production values. You’ve sold tickets, made a green room, and staffed all your key positions. You booked a first-aid team, right? What about security? Do you need them? How do you know if you need them? Are you making a judgment based on experience, or on a quantifiable need? If you end up in the papers, or in court, how will you defend your preparations for when something goes wrong instead of right.
This is where an experienced Emergency Manager is your best friend. Emergency Managers are risk specialists, and can help you quantify your risk and figure out how to reduce your risk as much as possible. From Hazard, Vulnerability, and Risk Assessments, to first-aid and security service vetting, to the management of an emergency during your event, an Emergency Manager has the knowledge and experience necessary to make sure your plans meet your real-world needs.
We are your unique music event Emergency Management specialists. A team of Emergency Managers who have worked all aspects of music events, from front of house, to backstage, to the administrative office, to the dispatch desk at a major international music festival. We’ve been there, and now we want to be there for you. Contact us today to find out about how our unique blend of performance, production, and Emergency Management experience can reduce your risk, and increase the chances of a successful show even when something goes wrong.

meet your real-world needs.

SHCN sells well-equipped Road Warrior First Aid Kits. These handy-dandy nylon pouches are stuffed with the essentials for days/nights on the road. Designed by street medics for real life.  $50 CAD plus taxes and shipping & handling.