The Bombadils

“It was apparent from the beginning of our relationship that Hal was the real deal. We’ve done two house concerts at his house and are talking about a third. He is friendly, funny and understands artists and their needs. He brings out an enthusiastic audience who are always wonderful to play for. It’s been a pleasure to know him and his family and we look forward to working with him for a long time to come.” – The Bombadils

Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards

“The hardest part of touring as an independent folk musician is finding the people in each community that are genuinely interested in connecting their friends with musicians who are working under the radar. Stanstead House Concerts has done the ground work of creating a network of people who want to support emerging artists. Their work allows us to get back to what we do best – creating and playing music.” – Laura Cortese

Kyra Shaughnessy

“I’ve played many a house concert in my 10+ years as a wandering singer-songwriter and I have to say the Stanstead house concert was one of the most magical and memorable… Of course, the hosts were welcoming and awesome, snacks were great and the audience was receptive and attentive… but on top of all that, as I was tuning up for one of my songs a hummingbird flew right down in front of my face to say hello ! I will definitely never forget my passage through Stanstead and look forward to my next trip through.” – Kyra Shaughnessy