Stanstead House Concerts #37 #38 #39 – Amanda McCoy featuring Pandel Collaros



“Wow! From rocking out to Amanda McCoy & Pandel Collaros channeling their inner Jimmy Page/Robert Plant for an incredible blow-out-the-jams spine-tingling acoustic cover of Led Zep’s Whole Lotta Love to getting to hang out and share the experience with childhood friends.. The music… wow! Incredible performance by a tight duo of guitarslinger blues/folk singer-songwriters – original tunes mixed with a few covers – and a near-classic version of John The Revelator.. and a searing Deep South revisiting of The Night They Drove Ol’ Dixie Down…” – #37 Montreal QC July 29 2016

“Wow! Amanda McCoy & Pandel Collaros treated us to another beautiful evening of music in our livingroom… with a couple of Neil Young covers added to the mix capping off a great night !” – #38 Stanstead QC July 30 2016

“Amanda McCoy and Pandel Collaros performed tonight in the Cabaret Room at the Catamount Arts Center and blew us all away!” – #39 St Johnsbury VT July 31 2016