#StoryBetweenTheSongs – Hannah Miller – Still I Rise

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The #StoryBetweenTheSongs with Hannah Miller

Q: What was the inspiration for your new single – which was part of a recent episode of ABC’s hit series ‘Station 19’? The song has some serious weight and punch to it..

A: I wrote “Still I Rise” for a sync bootcamp – I do those from time to time for my licensing company (Sorted Noise). They pair us up, a writer and a producer, and give us an assignment to write to. They even describe a whole scene (a fictional one) and tell us to basically write the soundtrack to it. If I remember correctly our scene was a kind of apocalyptic, end of world scenario that the characters were determined to survive and conquer. So the honest answer, and the slightly non- artistic/romantic reason that song exists is because someone told me to write it

BUT, I believe that even in a song assignment scenario, our own influences and artistic expressions will rise to the surface. The assignment might be a catalyst but the actual writing of a song is always (mostly,hopefully) a genuine artistic effort. The lyrics and melody were my contribution to the awesome track that the producer, Jermey Lutito had built, and the lyrics of the chorus and bridge were very much inspired by the Maya Angelou poem of the same name. In my head it’s always been a little bit of a female empowerment tune, but I’m not sure that’s how everyone hears it, which is great, b/c I hope any song I write is universal enough to be applied to whatever situation the listener needs it for… 🙂